NRTFTemplate is RTF engine written in C#. It use NVelocity.


Today NRTFTemplate can't manage image and doesn't support default format (methode putDefaultFormat of RTFTemplateEngine) to convert Object type with particulary pattern (like Date).


NRTFTemplate depends on


You can download package NRTFTemplate at sourceforge. This package contains two directories :

  • macro directory which contains MS Word macro.
  • src directory which contains solution NRTFTemplateSolution. This solution contains :
    • NRTFTemplate project which is project of NRTFTemplate assembly.
    • NRTFTemplateUseCase project which is project of NRTFTemplateUseCase assembly. It depends on NRTFTemplate assembly.
    • NRTFTemplateTest project which is Windows Form to launch NRTFTemplateUseCase. It depends on NRTFTemplateUseCase and NRTFTemplate assemblies.