User guide

RTFTemplate distinguishes 3 user types :

  • (JAVA) Model creator who create model which will have to be integrated in your application. This user is the JAVA developer who must create JAVA context, test the merge of RTF model and JAVA context and generate XML files type of *.fields.xml which contains the list of available fields for the RTF model.

    In other words, this user must implement the class net.sourceforge.rtf.usecases.AbstractRTFUseCase, which help to test merge and generate XML file of available fields.

    The section Create RTF model with RTFTemplate explains steps to follow to create, prepare RTF model which will have to integrate.

  • (MS Word) designer of RTF source model. This user must design RTF target model source used into the application. RTF model can be designed with MS Word by using standards menu (Insert fields,...) OR with MS Word model document that you can find into RTFTemplate distribution.

    It's adwisable to use to design easily your RTF model. use XML files type of *.fields.xml which contains the list of fields used in RTF model. Those files must be generated by Model creator(JAVA) user.

    Section Design your RTF model explains how design your RTF model.

  • (JAVA) Integrator who is the JAVA developer who must integrate RTFTemplate in your application. It's very important to understand generation process of RTFTemplate to avoid having problems with performance.

    Section Integrate RTFTemplate explains how generation process of RTFtemplate works and how integrate RTFTemplate in your application (Web or not)